The Global Lives Library is the eventual form that the Global Lives Project website will take when the ten project shoots are complete. We hope to feature both the ten-minute shorts on this website as well as a creatively-designed interface by which people can navigate through the full 24-hour shoots and zip to any point in each subject's day.

Some have suggested that this become an open library and that we eventually accept submissions from anyone who wants to contribute a shoot.

At present, we aim to provide all of this video as open-source information, free for public use. We also may choose to use a form of the Creative Commons license to limit or charge royalties on for-profit use of the video.

This could potentially be a major contribution to the online distribution of high-definition video, pushing bandwidth limitations and creating unique video content on the web capable of truly enhancing our abilities as humans to use the technologies of globalization to enter more immersively into the realities of others on opposite sides of the globe.

What do you think of this? --Dave Harris 09:24, 11 July 2006 (UTC)